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Community-Based Participatory Action Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial using Nicotine Mouth Spray for Tobacco Dependence in the Marginalized Population with a Holistic Approach.

Tobacco health inequities disproportionately impact people who suffer from poor mental health, inject or use drugs, identify as 2SLGBTQ+, who experienced childhood traumas, immigrants, individuals who identify as Indigenous people, and those who begin smoking before the age of 18 years.   

Conventional smoking cessation programs remain ineffective and have shown low quit rates among marginalized urban populations. The MIST study is a Community-Based Participatory Action feasibility study that will use Nicotine Mouth Spray for tobacco dependence management and treatment in t marginalized populations. The study participants will be randomly assigned to one of the two groups, Nicotine mouth spray /counselling group or the PROMPT group (see PROMPT study). The primary objective of the MIST study is to compare the effectiveness of nicotine mouth spray and counselling with a peer-led Management and Point-of-Care for Tobacco Dependence (PROMPT) strategy. The PROMPT group will access community-building activities and counselling designed for marginalized populations.  The feasibility study will build a foundation to guide the future of tobacco dependence management strategies and community programs in the marginalized populations who disproportionately  suffer the socio-economic and health consequences of tobacco use. 

 This project is ongoing