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Current Academic Paper

Assessing community (peer) researcher’s experiences with conducting spirometry and being engaged in the ‘Participatory Research in Ottawa: Management and Point-of-care for Tobacco-dependence’ (PROMPT) project

Background: The Ottawa Citizen Engagement and Action Model (OCEAM) used a Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) approach by involving the most at-risk urban population. Community (peer) researchers participated in every step of the study despite the multiple challenges.

Objective: To assess the community researchers’ training and experiences in a CBPAR project, PROMPT: Participatory Research in Ottawa: Management and Point-of-care for Tobacco Dependence…

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Latest Media/Press

Now is the time to address the unmet needs of Canada’s sickle cell disease community

Sickle Cell Disease is an insidious disease that affects multiple organs. History showed that it was often underdiagnosed and caused many patients to suffer from terrible stigma. Dr. Pakhale was involved in the creation of the first Canadian SCD registry. It is a stepping stone in advocating for the rights of patients affected by SCD.

As needed budesonide/formoterol in Asthma: The Role of Patient Preference, Dose Adherence and Education

“This presentation was originally broadcast during the Lung Health Foundation’s Better Breathing Week 2022. We have received their permission to offer the recording on our website. This recording may not be distributed without the express permission of the Lung Health Foundation and Dr. Pakhalé. For details, please contact”

Interview with Dr. Pakhale for “Doctors of Ottawa”

Dr. Smita Pakhale shares her thoughts on how a student body at University of Ottawa can improve cultural awareness. She also talks of how ethnic differences can be manifested in the workplace.

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