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Randa Hasan

Randa works as Clinical Research Assistant at the Bridge. She is a Pharmacist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and has more than ten years of experience as a pharmacist and two years as a laboratory technician. After graduating, Randa established her own pharmacy in… Continue reading Randa Hasan

Maryam Rizvi

Maryam Rizvi has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with over 5 years’ experience of working in the area of mental health with marginalized communities in Pakistan. She has also worked with children and youth with physical and mental health challenges. She is experienced in clinical counselling and therapy. Her research interests include social-emotional wellbeing,… Continue reading Maryam Rizvi

Natalia Szerszunowicz

Natalia Szerszunowicz is a Clinical Research Assistant at the Bridge. She studied at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland. Previously she worked in Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Gniezno, Poland. Her main interests are mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders, substance use disorders, health inequity, and improving the feasibility of healthcare access. She enjoys spending time with her… Continue reading Natalia Szerszunowicz