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Preshit Ambade BAMS, MHA, DrPH

Dr. Preshit Ambade is a post-doctoral fellow at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada. He previously served as a “Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow” from 2012-15 appointed by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India to work in one of the country’s development deficit areas. His research interest includes health care financing, health insurance coverage… Continue reading Preshit Ambade BAMS, MHA, DrPH

Ted Bignell

Ted has been a part of the Bridge for more than 5 years. Initially, he was the participant of the PROMPT project, and then he continued working as a community peer researcher. He was actively engaged in all research related activities at the Bridge such as recruiting, consenting, administering surveys, and follow-ups. He is also… Continue reading Ted Bignell

Bruna C. Falavinha, M.Sc.

Bruna Falavinha is a Ph.D. student at University of Ottawa. Previously she completed her Master’s degree in Biosciences at FIOCRUZ. In Brazil, she was a coordinator at the nonprofit organization Techo, fighting extreme poverty in Latin America. Her research interests rely on social equity, public health, health inequities and Indigenous health.


Vanessa became a part of the Bridge during COVID Impact study in 2020. She is an extremely passionate person that puts a lot of her energy into helping others and fighting for human rights, especially for incarcerated people within CPEP (The Criminalization and Punishment Education Project). Vanessa is a spoken word poet, who writes poetry… Continue reading Vanessa

Meaghan Hegarty

Meaghan initially joined the Bridge as a youth researcher for TCAY Ottawa study focusing on Cannabis and Mental health but quickly she became involved in COVID Impact study. Meaghan is always innovative and full of ideas. She is one of two peer researchers who are leading Photovoice projects. Meaghan is very interested in helping others,… Continue reading Meaghan Hegarty

Terrence Hegarty

Before Terry joined the Bridge he was already intensely involved in working for the community. From the beginning, he was actively engaged in recruiting, consenting, administering surveys, and follow-ups in HPI study. Terry is also a member of the Bridge Community Advisory Committee and co-Investigator of many of the Bridge research studies. He is committed… Continue reading Terrence Hegarty

Asiya Hilowle

Asiya, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, joined the Bridge for COVID impact study. She excelled in participants’ recruitment, consenting, and administering surveys. Currently, she works as a Youth Community Peer Researcher in the Photovoice project, a part of TCAY Ottawa study. Asiya has many passions and is involved in running a NPO women… Continue reading Asiya Hilowle

Sadia Jama, M.Sc

Sadia Jama is a Doctoral Candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa. Her research areas are health inequities, tobacco health disparities, and the impact of cannabis use on mental health. She is passionate about health justice and has over 10 years of experience as an organizer on housing and food security issues, working alongside… Continue reading Sadia Jama, M.Sc

Michael “Max” Magwood

Max for a long time was a volunteer in various organizations focused on helping people who use drugs or experiencing homelessness. He joined the Bridge Team as a Participant during HPI study. His activism and curiosity led him to become community researcher. He laboriously participates in every stage of projects led at the Bridge. In… Continue reading Michael “Max” Magwood