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Ted Bignell 1969-2022

Ted was a pillar and guide at the Bridge. He was our eagle, as he embodied courage, strength, wisdom, and vision. Ted joined the Bridge as a PROMPT project participant in 2016. He has been actively engaged in all projects at the Bridge and without him, we would not have had the privilege to walk alongside communities as we work together towards healing and accessing health and wellness. Ted was a sought-after community peer researcher at the Bridge. His genuine involvement in every activity that could benefit others led to his key member position in the Bridge Community Advisory Committee. Since 2016, Ted has been our captain for Team Bridge during the Ottawa Hospital’s Run for a Reason. We will miss him even as his teachings remain with us and guide our work. We will continue the work he has started, upholding the principles of justice, love, and community.  

Ted embodied volunteerism and harm reduction. He shared many stories with us – stories full of wisdom and compassion. He taught us about homelessness, about trauma, about friendship, and about family. Ted showed us how to make dream catchers and believe in hope. He taught us what it means to do research that engages and centers community. He brought us together over Bannick, caring for us as he knew best. Ted shared many wonderful things about his birthplace – The Pas, Manitoba. He shared his longing for The Pas. We hope we can send Ted back to The Pas to be with his people and the land he was born on and longed to return to one day.